Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drawn in Pen by Me.

Here are some pictures I found on the internet.
All of these pictures where drawn in pen, same as my other post of my drawings.
Most of these pictures have been altered in some way.

Using the Body as a canvas. Josh a.k.a Petrilude

This is another youtuber, He is by far my favourite, He basically transforms his face using makeup by contouring his features in certain ways.

Here he makes a leopard makeup tutorial.

Here he makes an avatar tutorial.

My attempt at Photography.

I have always liked photography, thinking about lighting, contrast, etc.
Keep in mind, I'm only an amateur.

This I took one very snowy morning from my bedroom window.

These two were taken when my cousins shoes got absolutely destroyed in mud so she decided to wear my mam's red high heels, Why not sure?

Random house.

Kilkee beach midday.

Using the Body as a canvas. Doda.

This youtubers name is mzddd22, and goes by Doda.
Her makeup is a lot more subtle than James Kuhn but still beautiful.
She has a knack for blending.
What she does is basically design her face, She has some normal looks and then some that are extraordinary, Like her Zebra mask for example.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Using the Body as a canvas. James Kuhn.

James Kuhn is an artist and his Art.
He uses his face as a canvas and creates fantastic paintings on it.
The way he used the angles and interprets his features into his art is astonishing.

His youtube name is bibleartwork

Light Art

Light Art has always fascinated me, the technique, the skill and the result.
Here are some photos of light art photography that I love.

These images are by Michael Bosanko, a light artist in South Wales who works with light art and light graffiti which is hand made to his own artistic specifications.

And my favourite by him would have to be...

These two were made by these German guys in Deutschland.